4 months to ditch anxiety, body fat, constipation, depression and thyroid exhaustion for good!
(even if you're on meds, have no energy and have tried everything!)

Are you ready to claim amazing thyroid health without more doctors visits, prescription pills, or starvation diets by addressing the root causes in the gut?

This program is designed for you if:

  • You’re currently taking thyroid medications, but still have symptoms
  • You’ve been to handfuls of doctors who have run dozens of tests, say your labs are “normal” and still don’t have answers
  • You lose hair by the handfuls
  • You keep losing and regaining the same 10+ pounds no matter what diet you try
  • Anxiety and stress have become your constant companions
  • You have no patience with your kids, co-workers, partner or family and find yourself snapping at them for no reason at all
  • You have thyroid nodules that appeared out of nowhere
  • You struggle with gas, bloating, constipation and/or diarrhea
  • You have had your thyroid removed and still struggle with symptoms
  • Your doctor keeps raising and lowering the dose of your thyroid medication
  • You’re sick and tired of feeling fat, sick and tired


In this 4 month program we will...
Uncover the root causes of your thyroid imbalances with my holistic approach that addresses the body as a whole. 

We begin with functional testing to discover the triggers for your thyroid symptoms. This allows me to create a customized diet and supplement plan that will repair the gut and balance your hormones. 
None of this matters if we are stuck in negative thought patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors so addressing mindset and offering tips, tools, and trainings to move past our self-limiting thoughts is a key pillar in the program.
I’ve proven this system works!
With my own health. With my client’s health. With people who come from around the country to hear me speak.

When you balance your thyroid naturally and effectively, you empower your body AND mind to live an energetic life free from anxiety, muffin tops and days spent on the couch.

We accept a small group of women into the program each month. 
Are you ready to claim your spot?


In this program you will feel seen, heard, and validated as we 
discover WHY you have had zero energy or motivation and build a personalized plan to reverse it.

    What's included in The Healthy Thyroid System?

    A personalized diet and supplement program created by a master nutritionist.

    • Organic Acids Test and Hair Scan are INCLUDED in the price of the program: This simple urine test look for over 90 imbalances in the body and offer the most comprehensive answers available on the market. The hair scan assesses over 40 functions in the body that may not be working optimally. I adore these tests and have every client start here so I can build a protocol that addresses gut health, liver function, hormones, adrenal fatigue and neurotransmitters.
    • ​Initial thyroid function assessment: questionnaire available in the app and personally reviewed by Missy.
    • Personal results review with Missy: This is delivered in a video format that you can watch on demand and as many times as you wish. Your video will include a full review of your tests along with an explanation of your personalized protocol.
    • Private Facebook group: support from a dynamic group of women who are also working to build a healthy thyroid. Connect with Missy and The Healthy Thyroid Team. 
    • ​Midpoint assessment questionnaire: delivered through the app midway though the program and reviewed by Missy.
    • Personalized maintenance plan: to set you up for long term success. This personalized plan is created by Missy in response to your final program questionnaire.

    4 month access to 
    The Healthy Thyroid System App

    • Available anywhere there is wi-fi: once you enroll in the program, you receive access to this platform that can be accessed on your phone or desktop computer. 
    • Weekly meal plans, recipes, nutrition education and guidance: Get a head start on your success by following the 28 day thyroid jump start plan to help you prepare for your personalized protocol once your results arrive. 
    • All information is recorded: Watch content on-demand and take the education at your own pace.
    • 1:1 Private Messaging in the app: connect with The Healthy Thyroid team to ask questions, troubleshoot, and get coaching.
    • Daily education, recipes, videos and motivation delivered daily through the app. You can also track your meals, water, and pair your step tracker with the app.
    • Training modules focused on the 5 pillars of thyroid health: nutrition, gut health, hormone balance, testing, mindset management.
    • Bonus: Mindset Masterclass Series-available in the bonus content section of the app. These classes teach tools to manage negative thinking, cravings, willpower, lack of motivation, emotional eating, and show you how to break through mindset blocks that will keep you from reaching your goals.
    • ​​BONUS: LIVE Weekly Coach Calls with Missy on Mondays at 9 AM PST. These are your chance to ask questions and get coaching on anything that is holding you back. Calls are recorded if you can't join us live.

    What education is provided in this program?

    28 Day Thyroid Jumpstart - The first month of the program focuses on building a solid foundation with tools to develop good habits of hydration, nutrition, meal planning, and lifestyle. Getting this habits in place will help prepared you for the results of your urine testing and personal protocol that will arrive by the end of the first month.

    Your personal protocol- You will receive a recorded video of Missy reviewing your results and walking you through your personal diet and supplement plan. These will be delivered in the app along with printable guides, food lists and detailed directions on how to take back your health. You can submit your questions directly to Missy through the messaging feature on the app or seek for guidance on the coach calls. No question is too small and we are here to help you succeed!

    Thyroid 101-Every single cell in the body has a thyroid receptor on it. EVERY. SINGLE. CELL! 
    This education series explains the process of how the body makes thyroid hormone and the things that can go wrong. By the end of this series you will understand why you doctor has been saying your labs are "normal" when you still feel awful and have the education and understanding on how to fix it!

    Digestion 101- 80% of the immune cells in the body are made in the gut! If we are making good cells then we will have good health, but when it comes to thyroid issues, most of the time those cells are sub-par. Also, there is zero value in a perfect diet that isn't properly digested because of leaky gut, infection or gut imbalances. This series teaches the steps of digestion from the moment we even think about food through the entire digestive process. It will help you understand that all disease begins in the gut and how the things found on your urine testing have been contributing to your thyroid issues. You will gain tips and tools to repair your gut and reverse your nagging symptoms for good!

    Mindset 101- Our brain and digestive tract are made from the same tissue! This tissue is rich with neurons and is constantly communicating via our nervous system. Our thoughts are some of the most powerful electrical impulses in the body and can derail our gut health if we are stuck in negative thinking pathways. In this series you will become aware of how your thinking may be contributing to the chaos in your body and gain solid tools to change it. 

    Neurotransmitters 101- The bulk of our neurotransmitters are made in the gut! Anxiety, depression, insomnia, attention issues, mood swings, poor memory, cravings, and lack of motivation can all be symptoms of poor neurotransmitter production. In this series you will learn how these important brain chemicals work and how to get yours back on track!

    Adrenals 101-Happy hormones, happy life! Hormones are chemical messengers that determine the function of countless processes in the body. When the thyroid isn't working well it creates issues with the adrenals that trigger hormonal chaos throughout the entire body. This series will help you understand why your energy dumps every afternoon, yet leaves you wide awake in the middle of the night. You'll learn how miscommunication of these hormones have been keeping you fat, sick, and tired and discover how to break free from the vicious cycle.

    Nutrition For Life - You only have ONE Job...to feed your body! Many of the important processes in our body are automated. We don't have to think about making our heart beat, breathing, regulating our temperature, or knowing when to go to sleep. These systems are automatic and keep us alive. The one thing that isn't regulated is what we eat, and our food choices will make or break the function of the other systems. Understanding how to feed your body can be an overwhelming task so this series teaches you how to decipher the messages from your body and build a diet that will nourish you for the rest of your life. Knowing what YOUR body needs and having a nutrition system to follow will be a simple as blinking your eyes!



    We only offer this program to a select group of women each month as it includes everything listed above PLUS three 60 minute Zoom consults with Missy. 

     #1 happens within your first 2 weeks to get you jumpstarted with personal recommendations while we wait for your test results. 
    #2 happens midway through the program to check-in and troubleshoot as needed. 
    # 3 happens in the final month of your program to help establish your maintenance plan so you can continue with your success after you graduate from the program.

    4 MONTH PROGRAM - $3997

    When you are ready for personalized answers and a tailored protocol to end your exhausting thyroid battle, I am ready to help! 

    You can learn how to get started by watching my thyroid fast track class using the link below.


    I can't believe the difference in my bloat after only 3 DAYS on my protocol! If I would have known my "healthy"morning smoothie was causing this, I would have quit it a long time ago.

    With the right testing we can identify the fastest and easiest way to solve the 
    problem instead of guessing at what 
    popular shake, diet plan, supplements, 
    or products to try next.

    I'm a lover of puns, 5-year-old-knock-knock jokes, dogs, kindness, and chocolate.

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease at 8 years old after gaining 50 pounds in a matter of months. For years, I was diligent and did everything the doctors told me to do, and still my weight ballooned over 275 pounds. In time, I got a master’s degree in nutrition and even bought my own health food store in an attempt to solve my nagging thyroid symptoms.

    Through trial and error, I discovered a few simple tests that reveal the root causes of the problems. The results from these tests allowed me stop guessing at what supplements, powders, pills, or diet plans to try next and gave me a personal protocol to reverse my Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. Now it's my joy and honor to help hundreds of women do the same!

    I’m here to help women create their BEST future with a healthy thyroid and energized body. Imagine....

    No more disappointing visits to the doctor 

    No more lectures to eat less and exercise more

    No more anxiety, mood swings and brain fog
    No more days spent on the couch with bone-tired exhaustion
    It’s time for personalized answers and a personalized approach! 


    I am thankful to have found your program and work with you and your team! You are amazing and the only person who actually has helped me and doesn’t just say come back in six months and will check your thyroid like the Doctor told me! I am so grateful for your help and the fact that it feels like you are a great friend and so comforting to talk to! I rave about you and your program to everybody!!!! Thank you so much!
    - Healthy Thyroid System Member

    I’ve helped hundreds of clients through this process and now you have the chance to experience life changing results for yourself.

    Let's Work Together!

    Win the exhausting thyroid battle without more doctors visits, pills or restrictive diets so you can reclaim your energy and enthusiasm for life.
    The healthy thyroid System
    We accept a small group of women into the program each month. 
    Are you ready to claim your spot?
    A Value of

      You only pay
      Book a call to learn about these deals and discounts!

        Have More Questions? I’ve Got Answers

        4 months is a big time commitment. What if I join and fizzle out after 3 weeks? 

        Joining a program is a commitment you are making to yourself. You’re investing 4 months of your life now to impact the remaining 36 weeks in a year, never mind the rest of your life! It’s normal to catch a case of the “What if” fever before making a positive change in your life.

        Here’s my promise to you.

        When you commit to the program, and decide to live your healthiest life possible, you will be partnering with a step-by-step program that is created with consistency in mind.

        Inside the app, there is a simple daily action to take. Easy to do no matter where your energy level is at.

        You can track that progress. And if a flash of fatigue hits and wipes you out for a day, you can use the app to get right back on track so you can keep progressing.

        You’ll also have access to grocery lists, recipes and time-saving meal guides that are done for you so you don’t have to figure everything out.

        There are my coaching calls to keep you motivated and accountable. And there is the Healthy Thyroid group that are all taking the same steps you are.

        All the support you need is there. You’re in a good space to take your next best step forward.

        Will I need to invest in supplements while I’m in the Healthy Thyroid System?

        Great question! The answer is YES!

        Let me tell you why.

        This program answers three of the biggest complaints that I hear all the time from women suffering with thyroid issues.

        • One, tests that produce reliable results.
        • Two, a clear path on what to eat to support thyroid health.
        • Three, having someone to guide them so they don't feel so alone and can get answers to their questions.

        The Healthy Thyroid Program provides lab testing that is valued over $1200. I’m able to get these tests at a lower rate than most. I’m passing the savings onto you and providing the tests at a reduced cost.

        In every case I’ve worked with, my clients have needed supplemental support to balance their gut and hormone health. Many times women come to me after seeing other practitioners and have an arsenal of herbs in their cupboard. I prefer to use as few supplements as possible so you aren't swallowing handfuls of pills all day and we will happily ship what you need. 

        I only carry top notch, pharmaceutical grade supplements that will get you on the healing path right away. The average cost of supplements is $100-$300 per month depending on your test results and personal needs. Plus, we ship straight to your door. No need to do extra shopping.

        Isn’t “doing things naturally” just code for taking loads of supplements, vitamins and potions for the rest of your life?

        Natural medicine has been carving its own path for awhile now and it definitely had its share of ups and downs.

        As a health food store owner, I’ve seen trends come and go. I’ve also seen what truly works.

        Are there supplements for you to take while on The Healthy Thyroid Program? Absolutely!

        Are you on them for life? Nope!

        The goal of the Healthy Thyroid is to bring you to a place of complete and balanced health. Once we achieve that, we create a maintenance plan. Some people need 2-3 supplements. Others need only one. Each person has an individual plan based on their test results.

        Every client I’ve worked with would much rather take a vitamin or two than a medicine that can harm their organs or have horrible long-term side effects.

        How much time will I get with Missy?

        I love spending time with people geeking out over nerdy subjects like thyroid hormones and growth mindsets.

        Initially, you will be greeted by me digitally when you log into The Healthy Thyroid app. And I make a daily appearance in your app, so it will feel like you hear from me a lot!

        During The Healthy Thyroid program, we will meet on a live video call once a week. This is your time to ask questions and I offer personal feedback on the calls. If you aren't able to attend the live call, you can still submit your question and watch the recording of the call afterward. 

        Plus, you can always send me a message through the app and me or a member of my team will get back to you within our office hours. I check in daily to see how progress is going. You will also have access to my private Facebook group where you can ask questions and chat with other program members any time of day.

        You’ll be seeing a lot of me over the next 4 months!

        Is there some sort of guarantee?

        When you start the program, we order your test kits right away. Once they are ordered, they can not be refunded. I don't offer a guarantee on results because they depend on you doing the work. My clients who follow their protocol, take the supplements, do the mindset work and reach out for help when needed always have positive results!

        I have another question…

        Great! Send us an email HERE and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

        THERE IS HOPE!!!

        I'm so glad I did the program and finally see a light towards the end of what was the darkest place I had been in 
        Healthy Thyroid System Member

        The healthy thyroid System
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