Can thyroid issues be reversed by fixing the gut?
Discover the simple test  (that most doctors don't know about
to end thyroid weight gain, hair loss, anxiety, and exhaustion for GOOD.

(and it can be done from home!)
to discuss the quickest and easiest route to 10X thyroid energy!
This Thyroid Fast Track Class Will Explain:
  • Why thyroid prescriptions are not the only solution and why MANY women continue to have symptoms despite taking meds. 
  • What sneaky imbalances in the gut may be zapping energy, causing weight gain, ruining moods, and wrecking sleep.
  • Why "normal" thyroid labs don't mean anything if there are still symptoms and what tests will better reveal the root cause of what is going on.
  • How to reclaim energy, a smaller waistline, and enthusiasm for life without more doctors visits, pills or starvations diets!
Tired of doctors prescribing pills instead of finding the real source of the problems? 

How many boxes can you check?

Click on a video below to discover what your symptoms mean and how you can get the RIGHT testing to end the exhausting battle.
(Note: Many of these videos invite you to watch my masterclass which is the same thing as the fast track class above.)
"I can't believe the difference in my bloat after only 3 DAYS on my protocol! If I would have known my "healthy" morning smoothie was causing this, I would have quit it a long time ago!"

With the right testing we can identify the fastest and easiest way to solve the problem instead of guessing at what popular shake, diet plan, supplements, or products to try next.

Holly was able to end her autoimmune issues in less than 4 months! Check out her interview to discover:

  • ​Why standard doctors testing will never reveal the underlying cause of thyroid issues.
  • ​What she tried to calm down her anxiety and why it didn't really help
  • ​What testing helped her pinpoint the key issues and how her personal protocol helped correct those problems.
I'm a lover of puns, my 6-year-old son's knock-knock jokes, dogs, kindness, and chocolate.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease at 8 years old after gaining 50 pounds in a matter of months. For years, I was diligent and did everything the doctors told me to do, and still my weight ballooned over 275 pounds. In time, I got a master’s degree in nutrition and even bought my own health food store in an attempt to solve my nagging thyroid symptoms.

Through trial and error, I discovered a few simple tests that reveal the root causes of the problems. The results from these tests allowed me stop guessing at what supplements, powders, pills, or diet plans to try next and gave me a personal protocol to reverse my Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. Now it's my joy and honor to help women everywhere do the same!
I’m here to help women create their BEST future with a healthy thyroid and energized body. Imagine....
  • No more disappointing visits to the doctor 
  • No more lectures to eat less and exercise more
  • No more anxiety, mood swings and brain fog
  • No more days spent on the couch with bone-tired exhaustion
It’s time for personalized answers and a personalized approach! 
The healthy thyroid System
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